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We are what we eat!

Just as a car fuelled with dirty petrol will sooner or later develop problems, so will a body fed on “non natural” foods.
Using this as our starting point, at Sottolestelle, we strive to produce foods in the healthiest, most natural way possible...

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Natural Cuisine Recipes

Our selection of recipes reflects our values, that is, the peasant culture. The suggested recipes are all very simple and quick to prepare; they are meatless, browning of onion and herbs in oil is kept to the minimum, and always accompanied by water.
These recipes are easy to digest yet extremely appetising, light , with a low caloric content and rich in vitamins.


Cavatelli pasta with seafood

Handmade pasta that fits perfectly the delicious seafood sauce

Orecchiette with cherry tomatoes and cacioricotta

Orecchiette with cherry tomatoes and cacioricotta

A traditional Apulia dish, with simple ingredients but with a delicious taste


Peasant-style spelt friselle

A healthy appetizer or a snack, for every hour of your day.

Spelt bruschette with creamed onion

Spelt bruschette with creamed onion

The passion for italian bread in your appetizers

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Sottolestelle is rapidly developing a wide network of points of sale, not only in Italy...