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Sottolestelle is rapidly developing a wide network of points of sale, not only in Italy...


We are what we eat!


This saying might appear to be an overstatement, but actually if you consider that man draws his vital energy from food, both for his physical and mental needs then it doesn’t seem such an exaggeration at all.

Just as a car fuelled with dirty petrol will sooner or later develop problems, so will a body fed on “non natural” foods.

Chemical fertilisers, preservatives, food additives, all settle on our body and cause damage that is difficult to evaluate; at a mental level we’ll never fully gauge the importance of interpersonal relationships, friendship, love, if we eat non natural food; at a spiritual level we will never understand the spirituality and mystery concealed in a grain of wheat, its enormous energy, if we don’t restore a certain sacredness to food.

Our body no longer perceives simple flavours. Our everyday food doesn’t even have a hint of natural flavour in it . We believe that we will only succeed in making future generations understand the importance of loving and respecting Mother Earth if we can get them to savour and appreciate food in its essence and its simplicity.

Using this as our starting point, at Sottolestelle, we strive to produce foods in the healthiest, most natural way possible, with a reverential respect for Mother Earth, and favouring raw materials which are either produced on our farm or purchased from reliable suppliers. In our workshops we almost exclusively use Spelt, Kamut®, Amaranth, small amounts of Rye, and wheat.

We do not use type “00” flours; we only use stone-milled or type “1” flours. We do not use white sugar in our sweet lines; we sweeten our products with corn malt, rice malt or apple juice. We do not use brewer’s yeast in our baked products; we only use sourdough or natural yeast .