Plants Dedicated to Organic Production, Sottolestelle warranty

The love for quality and the environment means that our products are made only in plants dedicated to organic production.

Plants Dedicated to Organic Production

Sottolestelle has always preserved this prerogative. In a plant dedicated to organic production we only use organic raw materials thus guaranteeing the absence of ingredients unauthorised by the regulations for organic production. This avoids any form of accidental contamination.

  • Absence of contamination from conventional raw materials
  • Quality assurance
  • In line with the pioneering spirit of organic farming

Milk and egg-free production plants

We never use Milk and Eggs in our production facilities. The absence of such allergens is guaranteed by instrumental analyses carried out in our laboratories.

These logos certify that the product was made without using milk and eggs.

  • Milk-free guarantee
  • Egg-free guarantee
  • Guarantee of a healthy diet

For the environment

We have always been careful to produce organic food for human health respecting the environment.

Photovoltaic system

70% of the energy used for the production of our products is generated by the SUN.

Eco Packaging

We use recyclable material for the packaging of our products.

Selective waste disposal

of all waste produced in the company.

Rainwater treatment system

The rainwater we collect undergoes decantation and oil-removal treatments.

  • Respect for Nature
  • Respect for Human Beings
  • Respect for the Earth

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