Ancient cereals for refined palates

Since ancient times, cereals and products obtained from their flours have been the basis of human nutrition, so much so that they are considered as a gift for man even in the sacred texts: "Behold, I give you every herb that produces seed and that is on all the earth...: it will be your food". (Genesis 1:29)

Although cereals are consumed daily in all homes in the form of bread, pasta, biscuits, baked goods, etc., very few really know them. There are those who think that they are bad, those who consider whole grains a niche product, for the ones on a diet or with constipation problems.

Let us be clear. It is well established that to eat assiduously refined cereals and flours, the caryopsis of which have been deprived of the external bran, can represent a danger for our health, because the total lack of fiber makes the starches easy to assimilate and consequently the blood sugar rises rapidly.

Instead, whole grains represent a world rich in fiber, protein, micronutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins and lignans ... other than for poor unfortunate!

Cereals and wholemeal flours, which we of Sottolestelle® use in most of our products and in the wonderful Integral line, have the great advantage of keeping intact the nutrients present in both the germ, the "soul" of the grains, source of mineral salts, amino acids and vitamins, both in the bran, the outermost part that contains the fibers.
The latter also contribute to increase the stimulation of satiety and also play a prebiotic activity: that is, they selectively stimulate the growth and activity of "good" bacteria in our intestines.

Sottolestelle cereals and flours are also chosen among the hundreds of organic varieties, mainly local, including spelt, barley, durum wheat Senatore Cappelli, Khorasan KAMUT® wheat, Buckwheat and other Ancient Grains; varieties of the past remained authentic and original, which have not undergone any modification by man to increase the yield. This is why they are rich in flavors that are almost obsolete and with extraordinary nutritional values.

The excellence of Sottolestelle products goes beyond the pleasure of the palate and extends to respect for traditions, the environment and people, values that can certainly make all meals tastier.

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