Let’s warm up with the taste of organic


Let’s warm up at the table! Even if late, the cold is starting to feel and we start to crouch in our scarves, hiding the red noses!

Nutrition can help to fight this frost and to keep us a little more "warm". The secret is to prefer foods that produce more energy!

Legumes and proteins!

For this reason, in this edition we propose some "cold-proof" products! Like pasta based on legumes that turns into a 3-star dish with the addition of seasonal vegetables!

A perfect snack?

We found that too! Lots of energy-rich bars! You can choose between chocolate wafers, for the most greedy, protein bars with spirulina, for those who love to dare with more ethnic tastes, and the classic but timeless, bars with dried fruit!

To conclude your dinner

Our broth preparation and our soups will pamper you after a long day.

We thought of everything... the hot herbal teas will gently wish you good night!

Sottolestelle - be good bio food

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