Merry Blue Christmas


The morning star shines between the last shadows of the night and the first lights of the day. The silence gently surrounds the bare trees and the light breeze bathes the fields. A sweet scent distracts from the frost in winter;

the dough is already in the oven, soft and elastic as always, already begins to release a delicate scent.

PanNatale heats the Sottolestelle laboratory at first light.

This year we will delight your palate with three different flavors: the PanNatale Blue Senator Cappelli with Raisins, a taste dedicated to those who love tradition, PanNatale Red Spelt with chocolate chips, for gourmands and PanNatale Gold Kamut with Coconut for those who prefer the strong and exotic taste of coconut.

The scent invites you to taste, and they are so soft to melt in your mouth! One thing is certain, they are all irresistible!

The ingredients, carefully chosen by the expert hands of our pastry chefs, will guarantee you the High Quality that Sottolestelle has always offered.

Happy Holidays!


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