New Line with no added sugar, goodness without sacrifices


The innovative line No added sugar is characterized by the sweet and fresh taste given by a natural low-calorie sweetener: erythritol.

Excellent alternative to traditional sugar and sweeteners on the market: reduces blood glucose levels and thanks to its low glycemic and insulin index is suitable for diabetics.

But what is Erythritol?

It is a polyol* rthat we can find in nature in fruits and other vegetable foods from which the extraction takes place thanks to the microbial fermentation by selected yeasts.

Ours, precisely, is extracted from corn.

*Polyols are hydrogenated carbohydrates used as sweeteners instead of sugar. Interest in their consumption has recently increased due to their potential health benefits. They are non-cariogenic or acariogenic, have a low glycemic index and insulin index (useful in obesity and diabetes), have a low energy value, are digested more slowly and have osmotic properties (hydration of the colon, with laxative and depurative).

Why choose it over other sweeteners?

There are plenty of alternatives to sugar. Let’s take for example the fructose, which compared to common sugar has a higher sweetening power and a lower glycemic index, but is otherwise metabolized: excessive consumption affects the increase in visceral fat, dangerous for the body.

Another very common alternative is Maltitol, from the partial intestinal absorption derives its laxative power: the part that is not digested attracts water in the intestine and also, although it is possible to mention the words "no added sugar" in the products containing it, the absorbed percentage is metabolized into simple sugars. Erythritol, unlike the others, has less laxative effects because it is absorbed by 90% at the intestinal level. It has no calories and does not affect blood sugar.

Main features:

  • It is Organic and Vegan;
  • It has an excellent fresh and delicate flavor;
  • It has glycemic index and insulin index equal to ZERO, therefore suitable for diabetic subjects;
  • Reduces blood glucose levels;
  • It does not cause digestive problems (frequent problems related to this category of sweeteners);
  • Does not favor dental caries;

Our Cookies With No Added Sugar

After some research, Sottolestelle has formulated two excellent recipes:

Cookies Without Sugar Flour Type 2 with Coconut

The freshness of coconut is intertwined with Type 2 flour and gives life to these biscuits with the particular friability given by Erythritol. The careful selection of ingredients has made these biscuits, as well as good, perfect for your well-being as they are also a source of fiber!

Sugarless Wholegrain Spelt Cinnamon Cookies

The Wholegrain Spelt and the sweet Cinnamon give life to these fabulous biscuits that, thanks to the raw materials used, are also rich in fiber and with 15% less fat than the average biscuits!

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