Space Kombucha Adventures Project


Space Kombucha is a naturally sparkling tea thanks to the fermentation obtained by bacteria and live yeasts; the attention paid to the choice of raw materials has given birth to this exquisite product Made in Italy, excellent in every respect.

Rich in probiotics and antioxidants, low in sugar, gluten-free and sweet-acidic taste this soft drink. Suitable to accompany any occasion!


After discovering the fantastic Space-Kombucha, our astronaut has decided to go on a mission that will take him around the universe. Its only goal is to find the best tastes and to do so, it will have to land on the most remote planets in the galaxy!
How about an adventure with him?

ORIGIN - Original taste

It’s the original planet, and the planet on which the discovery of this multi-beneficial beverage took place. The taste Origin is characterized by a sweet flavor, sparkling and with a delicate sour note.

PEACHROID - Pineapple and Peach Taste

During his journey a storm of asteroids led him adrift, the spaceship crashed on one of them! And here, a sweet discovery, the Kombucha Pineapple and Peach with a strong flavor, fruity and sparkling.

COCOMOON - Coconut taste

A planet? A Satellite! Mountains and craters of a muffled white and a delicate, sweet scent. A small glow, right in the deepest of the craters... what is it? Coconut Kombucha! Fresh flavor with a delicate hint of sweetness.

GINTER - Lemon and Ginger Taste

The planet is surrounded by its yellow rings! The pleasant pungent scent guides our astronaut towards discovery! The Kombucha ginger and lemon!


The search for kombucha becomes more difficult among all the fragrant and beautiful roses of this planet! But it was worth it, the Kombucha Rose-flavored delicate flavor and with a pleasant floral note.

Now we just have to try all these fantastic tastes! The kind astronaut wants to make them discover the entire universe.

How about an adventure with him?

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