Apple pie, a recipe to be savored!


A very good and simple apple pie made with good and organic ingredients Sottolestelle?
We choose only the best for a tasty and healthy snack:

- 300g Majorca soft wheat flour type 1 Sottolestelle: Sottolestelle is for the valorization of flours from Ancient Grains, such as Majorca, as easily digestible foods, a low gluten content. The paradox of the modern market is that a high gluten index is considered excellent, although it is not easily digestible, because it speeds up the production process of bakery products; so we need the whole food industry, but not our intestines! The grain Majorca, by its nature, is also capable of assimilating micronutrients in the soil that are transferred into the finished product embellishing it, and is rich in fiber whose needs in the elderly increase.

- 350 ml of vegetable milk Sottolestelle: oats, rice, almond or almond and rice; with Sottolestelle you have a wide choice depending on the tastes you prefer. All without added sugar and without milk and lactose.

- 4 cup of coconut sugars Sottolestelle: unrefined sugar, with a glycemic index (35) lower than that of white sugar (70).

- 4 cup of extra virgin olive oil or sunflower oil, rich in polyphenols and polyunsaturated fatty acids, as an alternative to animal fats.

- a hint of Himalayan pink salt Sottolestelle: pure and rich of iron salt, hence the pink color.

- 3 apple and untreated lemon: with the change of season our immune system, particularly that of the elderly, needs to be strengthened; therefore a full charge of fruit, rich in vitamins and minerals.

- 1 sachet of baking powder.

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