Vegan meringues


Aquafaba is the precious water for every vegan.

Desserts without eggs and dairy products impossible to make? Vegan cooking too complicated? Of course not!! All you need is just fantasy and information!

Have you ever heard of the aquafaba? Its name derives from the union of the words "water" and "faba" (bean): it is the cooking water or the control of the legumes which, if assembled with electric whips, assumes a soft and "foamy" consistency incredibly similar to that of egg whites whipped. This consistency is due to its unique mix of starches, proteins and other soluble solids that migrate from seeds to water, giving it emulsifying, foaming and thickening properties. But in what proportion is aquafaba used with respect to eggs?

For each egg included in the recipe it will be sufficient to add 3 tablespoons of liquid, to be mounted just before preparing the dough.
The best aquafaba? It is that of canned chickpeas Sottolestelle, unsalted, because very rich in proteins. For a good result, use the cold legume liquid. Finally, do not forget to mix the aquafaba always with lemon drops or with aromas to reduce the decided aftertaste of legumes.

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