• Puglia Diced Tomatoes

Puglia Diced Tomatoes

The best organic tomatoes harvested in Apulia and processed fresh in a certified plant located within a 35 km area from the fields. The entire supply chain is traceable. The exact field of origin of the contents of each package is known. In the diced version, no salt added. Cultivation, harvesting and production at 0 km.


Selected condiments of vegetable origin to flavor each dish, made with the highest quality organic ingredients. With a delicate or decisive flavor to give the desired character to each recipe and be wrapped in taste and color. From organic farming, without preservatives, dyes and chemical additives, they will make every dish healthy and tasty. For all those who choose the best that nature offers.

Buoni senza

  • Apulian Tomatoes
  • Km0
  • Sun-ripened tomatoes
  • Suitable for vegans

Ingredienti sani, gustosi e genuini

long tomato*, tomato juice*, acidity regulator: citric aci


  • Italian Agricolture


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  • Produced in Italy

Valori nutrizionali e confezione

Valori nutrizionali per 100 grams
  • 121 kJ
  • 29 kcal
Grassi 0,3 g
di cui saturi 0 g
Carboidrati 4,2 g
di cui zuccheri 3,4 g
Fibre 1,4 g
Proteine 1,6 g
Sale 0,06 g
  • Peso della confezione: 400 grams
  • Codice EAN: 8032454001021
  • ICEA