• Chia Seeds Superbread

Chia Seeds Superbread

The result of patient and extraordinary natural leavening using Sottolestelle sourdough starter. Digestible and soft, SuperBread with Chia Seeds comes in slices with a fragrant bouquet of aromas. You can enjoy it with various side dishes and main courses, to prepare bruschetta, canapés and toast. It is also good for spreading on jam, compotes and various creams.

Bread Bauletto

Fruit of the patient and extraordinary natural leavening through the use of the Sottolestelle mother yeast, which boasts a history of more than 20 years. Time that made it peculiar and unique, as well as the products derived from it. Digestible and soft with an intense bouquet of aromas sweetened with the delicate rice syrup, without ever white sugar. Ideal as a base for spreading creams, compotes and sauces.

Good with

  • Source of proteins
  • Source of fibers
  • With extra virgin olive oil
  • Natural Leavening with Sourdough

Good without

  • Dairy Free
  • Eggs Free
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Dairy Free
  • Natural Leavening with Sourdough
  • Eggs Free

Healthy, tasty and genuine ingredients

soft wheat flour* 50%, water, soft wheat flour natural yeast* (soft wheat flour*, water) 9%, extra virgin olive oil* 4%, chia seeds 2%, yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), rice malt* (rice flour*, barley malt*), salt, Treated with ethyl alcohol* only on the surface


  • UE / No UE Agricolture


It contains:

  • Gluten

May contain:

  • Soy
  • Nuts
  • Sesame seeds


  • Produced in Italy
  • Produced in a dedicated bio factory
  • Produced in a factory that never uses milk and derivatives

Nutritional values ​​and packaging

Nutritional values for 100 grams
  • 1114 kJ
  • 264 kcal
Fat 6 g
of which saturated 0,6 g
Carbohydrates 42 g
of which sugars 2 g
Fibers 3 g
Protein 9 g
Salt 1,2 g
  • Package weight: 400 grams
  • EAN code: 8032454040853
  • ICEA
  • ISO22005