• Khorasan Kamut® Fusilli

Khorasan Kamut® Fusilli

Specialty made of organic wholegrain Khorasan KAMUT® flour. Dried slowly at low temperature to better preserve all the nutritional properties of Khorasan KAMUT® wheat. Fusilli is bronze drawn, this process gives to pasta a wrinkled texture, ideal for seasoning. Ideal size for all kinds of recipe.

Line Khorasan Kamut®

The term kamut, from the Egyptian ka’moet "soul of the earth", refers to a registered trademark of products based on khorasan wheat originating from the ancient Fertile Half Moon. The result of a long evolutionary process and spontaneous crossings over thousands of years, khorasan kamut® wheat still preserves its properties and its ancient naturalness. It is considered one of the most complete nutritional cereals.

Good with

  • Khorasan KAMUT® wheat
  • Dried at low temperature

Good without

  • Without eggs
  • Bronze drawn
  • Without eggs
  • Suitable for vegans

Healthy, tasty and genuine ingredients



  • No UE Agricolture


It contains:

  • Gluten

May contain:

  • Fish
  • Soy


  • Produced in Italy

Nutritional values ​​and packaging

Nutritional values for 100 grams
  • 1463 kcal
  • 344 kJ
Fat 0,91 g
of which saturated 0,18 g
Carbohydrates 70 g
of which sugars 3,8 g
Fibers 4 g
Protein 14,3 g
Salt 0,06 g
  • Package weight: 500 grams
  • EAN code: 8032454022040
  • ICEA
  • JAS