Certified, Transparent and Guaranteed Quality

Every stage of the production process is scrupulously monitored by our quality control staff.

Analysis laboratories

We carry out numerous checks, including the determination of the absence of milk and egg traces using the ELISA method, the spectrophotometer, sensory analysis and checks on packaging for microbiological safety and organoleptic quality.

  • Verification of absence of traces
  • Sensory analysis
  • Microbiological safety and organoleptic quality


Below are our company and product certifications. All this to always offer a certified, transparent and guaranteed quality.

Plants Dedicated to Organic Production

No contamination with conventional raw materials.

Organic Certified

No contamination with conventional raw materials.

ISO 22005 certified

Certification of the traceability of raw material supply chain.

ISO 9001 certified

Company quality certification.

JAS certified

Organic certification for the export of products to Japan.

Milk and egg-free

Sottolestelle produces with raw materials that have no contamination with these allergens.

Vegan Society certified

Authoritative English certifying body, which certifies the absence of animal origin ingredients in the products reported to be suitable for a vegan diet.

Transparent and Guaranteed Quality

On the back of the packages you will find the label "Il Bioforno Sottolestelle" (Sottolestelle organic bakery), a quality and safety seal to guarantee that it was made in a production plant where:

eggs are NEVER used
milk and dairy products are NEVER used
We ONLY and exclusively produce ORGANIC food

be good bio food

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