Back to school vol.2


Start with taste. The eyes wrinkle and the back stretches, the alarm clock rings early and yawns increase!

In September everyone needs a great load of energy!

Bars, chips, tarts! To start the recovery of the routine with a smile and an extra charge!

Sottolestelle, offers you a wide range of choices for these months! From gluten-free to unleavened products! But always, without milk and eggs! Because everyone must feel free to enjoy!

We have privileged the "pocket-size" products to start with pleasure the return to school and office.

The gluten-free tarts and biotwins among the delicious variants, ideal for children, to give them a delicious snack and to educate them to a healthy and genuine diet in respect of the environment.

For those who return to the office, we suggest to try our gluten-free bars, breaks 5 cereals and millet balls!

Everything you need to start off great!

The month of new beginnings and changes. The new paths, which may result so frightening and exciting, have finally begun. This time, the discounts start with good intentions. The food choice involves changes not only at a personal level but globally.


Did you know that

  • One of the main causes of deforestation is the conversion of forests into palm cultivation, with the ultimate aim of producing palm oil;
  • 25% of sealife depends on corals. To date 1/3 of the coral reef is dead. Causes aggressive fishing and pollution;
  • Another major cause of deforestation is the conversion of forests into fields for grazing cattle for consumption.

These are just some of the environmental issues related to food.

Caution, attention and balance in consumption could really make a difference.

Sottolestelle pursues the good of the environment and the protection of Mother Nature.

Each of us in our own small way can do something to change the whole world.

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